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Aug 13, 2012

Compared to the past, India performed better in London

Overall, India’s performances in London when juxtaposed with the fairly bleak past, suggest big improvement. But on careful scrutiny they also bespeak missed opportunities and — in a few instances — massive mistakes. #London 2012 #Olympics #Sports

Aug 12, 2012

Kuch kar dikhana hai: Sushil Kumar

Sushil had been relegated to the background till the last the day of the Games and lived through India’s roller-coaster ride over the past fortnight building up his motivation. #London 2012 #Olympics #Sushil Kumar #Wrestling

Aug 12, 2012

Dutt shows we have potential to win more medals

Yogeshwar showed exemplary courage, grit and cleverness to win two bouts in the repechage and then play-off for the bronze— all within the space of an hour. #London 2012 #Olympics #Wrestling #Yogeshwar Dutt

Aug 11, 2012

Olympics a ‘war by proxy’? When medals mean more than sporting success

A spate of medals on Friday put the US firmly ahead of China in the gold (41-37) and overall tally (94-81) at the Olympics. This is significant as it is accompanied by considerations and agendas of the different political and economic systems of the two countries. #China #London 2012 #Medal tally #Olympics #US

Aug 10, 2012

When Bolt turned Stratford into downtown Kingston

Reggae music blared, the sidewalk just outside Stratford station became a dance floor as people let their hair down till the wee hours of the morning following Bolt's stupendous win in the 200m. #Athletics #London 2012 #Olympics #Usain Bolt

Aug 9, 2012

We need more Saina Nehwals and Mary Koms

What is needed is a major shift in mind-set, especially of parents, families, schools and sports teachers so that girls can be freed to play; to actualize and express their sporting ability. #InMyOpinion #London 2012 #Mary Kom #Olympics #Saina Nehwal

Aug 8, 2012

I want to say sorry to the people of India: Mary Kom

Mary also praised her opponent Nicola for being astute in this key bout, if not technically superior. #Boxing #India Olympics #London 2012 #MC Mary Kom #Olympics #Olympics Videos

Aug 8, 2012

Home support for Nicola will give Mary Kom the edge: coach

Crowds at the boxing arena have been raucous, and as has been evidenced everywhere else too, solidly behind every athlete from Great Britain which has unsettled opponents from other countries. #Boxing #India Olympics #London 2012 #Mary Kom #Olympics #Olympics Videos

Aug 8, 2012

Why Phelps says he’s done with swimming and will never coach

Michael Phelps, superman in the Olympic pool, says he sees no role for himself in the sport after he quits: not as coach, mentor and certainly not as Comeback Kid. Read to know why. #London 2012 #Michael Phelps #Olympics #Olympics Videos #Swimming

Aug 7, 2012

Intend to keep momentum for a bigger medal: Mary Kom

Mary added that the passage to the Olympics had been tough and demanding because she has to compete at a higher weight level. #Boxing #India Olympics #London 2012 #Mary Kom #Olympics #Olympics Videos