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Arjun Parthasarathy

Arjun Parthasarathy

Arjun Parthasarathy has spent 20 years in the financial markets, having worked with Indian and multinational organisations. His last job was as head of fixed income at a mutual fund. An MBA from the University of Hull, he has managed portfolios independently and is currently the editor of . The website is for investors who want to invest in the right financial products at the right time.

Feb 3, 2014

Think money is tight? RBI’s QE was worth Rs 585,000 cr in the last six years

BI has infused Rs 5850 billion into the system but the market is still borrowing money from the RBI to meet its daily requirements and has been doing so for the last three plus years. It is big question that neither the market nor the central bank seems to have an answer. #Bond market #HowThisWorks #OMO #Quantitative easing #RBI

Jan 28, 2014

Surprise rate hike: Here’s why RBI move will be cheered

RBI’s inflation targeting should be consistent over the long term. Any move away from the inflation target would mean question marks on the central bank’s independence and bond markets would get nervous and confused. #Bond market #ConnectTheDots #CPI #Dalal Street #Inflation #Raghuram Rajan #Rate hike #Repo rate #Reserve Bank of India #WPI

Jan 27, 2014

Commodity-driven economies are tanking but this is good for India

conomies from Brazil to Russia are really under pressure as their economic growth has fallen sharply on the back of lower commodity prices and on the back of China, the world's largest consumer of commodities, seeing its economic growth come off from double-digit levels to 7.7% for 2013. #Argentina #Brazil #China #India #Indian rupee #Peso #Russia #TheLongView

Jan 21, 2014

Why new interest rate futures contracts will be a hit among investors

The IRF 2014 version opened on the NSE on 21 January and is clocking volumes of over Rs 400 crore in about initial two hours of trading. The IRF will open on the BSE on 28 January. Volumes are likely to shoot up as the IRF trades on all exchanges.

#Benchmark bond #BSE #ConnectTheDots #FII #govt bonds #Interest rate #IRF #nifty #NSE #Sensex

Jan 18, 2014

Commodity prices are weak; adjust your equity portfolios

Commodities could look up when global economic growth picks up on a sustained basis and when inflation starts to look up in the developed economies. However, as of now that does not seem to be the case and commodities as an asset class will be underperformers.

#BRIC #China #Commodity market #ConnectTheDots #Rupee #Stock market

Jan 14, 2014

Economics as antidote to corruption: What AAP fails to understand

Any amount of crusades against corruption without a fundamentally strong economic policy will not help bring down the root cause of corruption. Fighting the symptoms rather than the cause usually leads to a haphazard cure, which may not work in the long run. #BRIC #China #Commodity market #ConnectTheDots #Rupee #Stock market

Jan 7, 2014

Why NRIs should bet on rupee in 2014

NRIs have a problem - they want to invest in India but are overcome by the fear a rupee fall. India is attractive for them because the rupee interest rates are higher than those on the dollar and euro.

#CAD #CurrencyWatch #general elections #Indian rupee #Inflation #Rupee

Jan 6, 2014

Dear Kejriwal, freebies further corruption, stop them first

The word 'free' corrupts the common man. It is the root cause of corruption not only in India, globally too. Free offers render an economy and its people uncompetitive. In the long term, such an economy will decline. #AAP #Arvind Kejriwal #New Delhi #NREGA #PSU #tax-free bonds #ThatsJustWrong