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Anuj Puri

Anuj Puri

He is the chairman and country head of property consulting firm Jones Lang LaSalle India.

Jun 26, 2014

Realty reiterates demand for single window clearance, infra status from Modi Budget

With the new government now firmly in charge of steering the country, the Indian economy is perched on the threshold of recovery and growth. The serious issues that have plagued the sector for so long may now be proactively addressed.
#Budget 2014 #Real estate #SectorWatch

Nov 15, 2013

Controlling illegal buildings: What Mumbai can learn from Ahmedabad

A building's overall legality can be verified by the availability of an occupation certificate and original drawings approved by the BMC. However, it is beyond a layperson's capacity to verify whether the offered space lies within the approved part of a project or is an illegal extension. #Campa Cola #Illegal buildings #Mumbai #ToWhatEffect #Worli

Jul 19, 2013

Why you are seeing Dubai property ads in Indian media

The US or the UK are doubtlessly closest to the hearts of most Indians hoping to buy property abroad. However, when these are out of reach, Dubai is definitely among the most preferred among realistic property investment destinations for Indians. #Citizenship #Dubai #HowThisWorks #India #Land laws #property #Property investments #Real estate #UK #US

Jun 5, 2013

How real estate regulatory bill will help both developers and buyers

While it aims to hold the developers accountable, it also looks to ensure that the allottees do not default in making payments. #developers #HowThisWorks #Real estate #regulatory bill

Apr 22, 2013

With gold sinking, how good is property for investment today?

More and more regulations are being brought in to subdue the appetite for speculation in this sector. Also, the lowest entry point is definitely much higher than for gold. #Gold #HowThisWorks #Investment #property #residential real estate