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Anirudha Dutta

Anirudha Dutta

Anirudha Dutta is a financial analyst with a global investment bank and based in Mumbai. He loves to write on a variety of subjects and hopes to get his clients engaged in them, even though some of the topics would be at a reasonable distance from the stock markets. Like all good bongs he loves his phish and phoochka, but unlike them he is not passionate about phootball.

Apr 15, 2013

Why ‘The Economist’s’ ‘Joy of Reading’ campaign matters

With book shops closing down in hundreds, a campaign like The Economist's matters a lot. #JustSaying #The Economist

Mar 5, 2013

Decline of MMS, but who is rising?

One of the two major parties will have to break out from its comfort zone and give an alternate narrative — break the logjam of governance and of our institutions, talk about hope and not doles, talk about a united India, not an India divided along caste, religious, and gender lines. #Anna Hazare #BJP #Congress #Manmohan Singh #Rajiv Gandhi #RSS #VHP #WhatNext

Feb 25, 2013

The confused criticism of Narendra Modi

Most critics of the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi have two sticks to beat him with - 2002 riots and malnourishment. Here's why they don't count. #Development #Gujarat #InMyOpinion #Markandey Katju #Modi #SRCC

Mar 15, 2012

Rail Budget derailed: Don’t blame Mamata

Didi has put a spanner on the works for the UPA and done better than the opposition in putting the government on the mat on numerous issues like the Teesta Accord, NCTC, FDI in multi-brand retail and now the Railway Budget. #All India Trinamool Congress #Dinesh Trivedi #Mamata Banerjee #RailwayBudget2012 #ToTheContrary

Nov 21, 2011

‘Why can’t I refuse a skull cap and still be secular?’

It is time to give up symbolic gestures, but to do the right thing for the people. Narendra Modi is showing the way. Hopefully, the media will highlight those rather than try to rake up controversies where none exist. #Gujarat #Narendra Modi #Religion/Belief #Sadbhavna Mission