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Mar 30, 2012

Pay TV piracy charges: Murdoch’s empire strikes back

Rupert Murdoch, his lieutenants and his newspapers are all aggressively fighting back at allegations of facilitating piracy via a pay TV subsidiary. It is a key test of whether Murdoch can still rely on power and cash to quiet critics. #British Sky Broadcasting #News Corporation #News Datacom Systems #phone hacking #Rupert Murdoch #What'sNext

Mar 23, 2012

Airtel’s Mittal wants Google to fund your YouTube addiction

Bharti Airtel chairman says people are getting a nasty shock on seeing their mobile phone bills, inflated by too much YouTube use. To cut your costs, he wants YouTube owner Google to pay up instead. #Bharti Airtel #Internet access #mobile internet #MobileMonitor #Network neutrality

Mar 19, 2012

Apple’s stock buyback and dividend plan panned by tech watchers

Apple's announcement was criticised for having a lack of imagination by technology industry watchers. #Apple Inc. #Corporate finance #Share repurchase #ToWhatEffect

Mar 15, 2012

Assad’s emails leaked: Is digital secrecy possible?

The Guardian says it has some 3,000 emails of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife. In the age of WikiLeaks, it raises the question: is this the end of secrets. #Bashar al-Assad #Guardian #National Security #Syria #ToWhatEffect #Wikileaks

Mar 14, 2012

SXSW tech conference: Homeless Hotspots campaign sparks outrage

Giving homeless people hotspots for hire at the SXSW tech conference in the US has touched off a firestorm of criticism among tech journalists, but it raises the question: what does it take for us to confront difficult social issues. #BBH Labs #Homelessness #Poverty #South by Southwest #ToWhatEffect

Mar 13, 2012

Thank you Sibal! We are now enemies of the Internet

In its annual report on internet censorship, media watchdog Reporters without Borders have placed India "under surveillance" in part because of Kapil Sibal's pressure on social media companies to monitor content. #Freedom of information #Internet censorship #Kapil Sibal #NewsTracker #Reporters Without Borders

Mar 9, 2012

Why Britain’s $35 Raspberry Pi is better than Aakash

India isn't the only country with a $35 educational computer project. Sites selling Britain's Raspberry Pi were taking 700 orders a second when it was launched this week. Can it succeed where Aakash has so far failed? #Broadcom #Eben Upton #Education #WhatNext

Mar 7, 2012

US Elections 2012: Romney fails to deliver knockout on Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney, the Republican Party frontrunner, won six of the 10 Super Tuesday contests, but his performance was seen as an indication of his weakness and divisions in the Republican Party. #Barack Obama #Mitt Romney #Republican Party #Rick Santorum #Super Tuesday #US2012

Mar 7, 2012

iPad 3 or iPad HD: Sifting reality from the rumours

With the next generation iPad soon to be released, we round up the rumours. The biggest bombshell is that we might not see an iPad 3 released tomorrow but rather a new model, the iPad HD. #Apple Inc. #iPad #Steve Jobs #TechBuzz

Mar 1, 2012

Murdochs face long fight to save their media empire

The resignation of James Murdoch as head of News Corp's scandal-stained British newspaper business is the latest attempt to limit damage to the family. The battle isn't over the Murdochs as they fight to retain control of their empire. #James Murdoch #News Corporation #News International #Rupert Murdoch #The Sun #WhatNext