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Alok P Kumar

Alok P Kumar

A Supreme Court/Delhi High Court lawyer who writes a bit about cricket and law with a potentially fatal weakness for hyperlinks, hashtags, and the reader's approval. He writes for the blog and you can follow him on twitter @alokpi.

May 2, 2012

Can IPL help India win the T20 World Cup?

With a few IPL-style minor tweaks to the rules, the T20 World Cup will be, without a doubt, in Mahendra Singh Dhoni's hands come October. #Delhi Daredevils #India #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs #World Cup

Apr 23, 2012

IPL: The best team, not the best individual, will win

And at the moment, even without Shane Watson, the Rajasthan Royals have managed to punch above their weight. #Cricket #IPL FanBlogs #Rajasthan Royals #Sports

Apr 4, 2012

IPL demands no more of our intelligence than Bollywood

The last year of following Indian cricket has left one craving for the simple hit and giggle joys of the IPL with its usual mix of incompetence, shameless plugging, white-skin-festand pompous egomania on the part of the owners. #Cricket #India Cricket World Cup #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs