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Akshat Kumar

Akshat Kumar

Akshat is a digital marketer is passionate about brands and marketing. He is particularly intrigued by how new media and digital channels are transforming marketing, putting consumers at the centre of all action. He works as a senior digital marketing manager with a leading BFSI organisation. He often blogs on the ever-evolving digital media space at

Jun 8, 2012

Are you supporting Anonymous this Saturday?

India’s burgeoning Internet freedom movement needs the support of groups like Anonymous to scuttle the efforts of government or corporates who threaten to encroach upon web’s freedom. #Anonymous #Hacktivism #InsecureNet #Internet culture

May 28, 2012

Will Facebook’s emphasis on advertising turn off users?

There is a need for Facebook to strike the right balance between managing the advertisers and enhancing the experience for the user. If Facebook shows more ads, it may put off the users thus hurting the revenue. #Criticism of Facebook #Facebook features #Facebook Inc #Hawthorne effect #InMyOpinion