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Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar

The writer has played 29 Tests and 191 ODIs for India.

Aug 23, 2011

Is the Indian team fit to fight?

The series, not just cricket but fitness-wise also, has been a great lesson learnt from the English team of where you need to be at if you want to be the best in the world. #Cricket #England #fitness #India #TheBigSeries

Aug 18, 2011

Why are India’s ex-cricketers being so nasty?

There is no doubt that at the moment one needs to criticise some performances. But it's too harsh, coming as it did from guys who have been in similar situations or worse before.#Cricket #India-England series #Sports #TheBigSeries

Aug 5, 2011

It’s judgement time, and the Indian team has gone AWOL

Ten years from now, India will not be judged by the wins it had against Bangladesh or Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka; it will be judged by how well it has done against the best teams of its era. #Cricket #India-England series #Mahendra Singh Dhoni #TheBigSeries #Virender Sehwag

Jul 21, 2011

The key battles that can decide fate of this series

The series isn’t going to be won or lost on the first day. There’s a lot more to this. #Cricket #Rahul Dravid #TheBigSeries #Virender Sehwag

Jul 15, 2011

Anderson’s England has the edge, but Zak holds the key

Eventually, the key to bowl in English conditions is how each bowler quickly adapts to the length he needs to bowl as it varies a lot more than most pitches around the world. #Cricket #Fast bowling #Harbhajan Singh #HowThisWorks #Sports