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Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah studied at IIT, Bombay and USC, Los Angeles. He has held positions at the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research and the Ministry of Finance, and now works at NIPFP where he co-leads the NIPFP-DEA Research Programme. His research interests include policy issues on Indian economic growth, open economy macroeconomics, public finance, financial economics and pensions.ajayshah@mayin.org

Dec 3, 2011

The RBI should forget forex rates and focus on inflation

Everything you wanted to know about the rupee market and how it is behaving now. #Currency Trends #CurrencyWars #NotJobsButPassion #Rupee versus Dollar

Nov 18, 2011

A guide to the eurozone crisis

The only viable solution to the euro crisis is for Germany to take the lead to bail out the rest. But it seems unwilling to do so. #DebtCrisis #Emergency Economic Stabilization Act #Eurozone crisis #NotJobsButPassion

Oct 24, 2011

Raising rates will bring down inflation: Here’s why

If the RBI's anti-inflationary stand had been credible, it would work better than trying to be all things to all people #HowThisWorks #Inflation #NotJobsButPassion #Rate Hikes #RBI

Oct 17, 2011

The RBI has failed us on inflation: Time for a rethink

The RBI's anti-inflationary credentials have been suspect since 2006. It did much better during Rangarajan's time in the 1990s, when the credibility of monetary policy was high. #ConnectTheDots #Inflation #Interest rates #NotJobsButPassion #RBI

Oct 7, 2011

Why should finance minister put fresh equity in SBI?

Government-owned banks like SBI should not think it is their right to equity when they need it. They need to do more to plough back retained earnings. #Bank of Baroda #HDFC Bank #NotJobsButPassion #SBI #To The Contrary

Sep 26, 2011

Why the RBI will not mess with the rupee

One should expect greater volatility in the rupee-dollar exchange rates. The RBI cannot defend its value since it is simply not worth it. #Connect The Dots #Exchange rates #NotJobsButPassion #USD-INR

Sep 20, 2011

Some interesting readings from the Web

Ajay Shah recommends interesting reads from the media and elsewhere. #NotJobsButPassion #Readings

Sep 8, 2011

Are NDA’s pension reforms about to be reversed?

The UPA government seems to be reversing a key pension reform - defined contribution rather than defined benefit - that will shift huge costs to the exchequer #NotJobsButPassion #NPS #Pension Reforms #Thats Just Wrong

Aug 30, 2011

Vijay Kelkar – the man behind many reforms

Vijay Kelkar was the man behind many of India's far-reaching reforms - from fiscal responsibility to tax reforms. Boundless optimism was the key to his indefatigable efforts #NotJobsButPassion #PeopleWeLike #Vijay Kelkar

Aug 10, 2011

Delivering the right financial advice to households

Most financial products are mis-sold in the urban areas. But in one rural areas, Pudhuaaru KGFS is trying a new tack based on an keen understanding of a household's actual finances before rendering advice. #Investment #SmartMoney