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Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah

Ajay Shah studied at IIT, Bombay and USC, Los Angeles. He has held positions at the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research and the Ministry of Finance, and now works at NIPFP where he co-leads the NIPFP-DEA Research Programme. His research interests include policy issues on Indian economic growth, open economy macroeconomics, public finance, financial economics and pensions.ajayshah@mayin.org

Sep 16, 2014

Do companies with more women directors do better? Correlation is not causation

There are simply too many studies that jump to conclusions based on correlations. There are many things you can't infer from a regression analysis #Ajay Shah #Correlation and Causation #Reliance #Women Directors

Jan 9, 2014

BJP asking right questions: Abolish all taxes barring IT and GST

India can provide a good government with 12 percent tax-GDP ratio. For this, we can abolish all taxes barring income tax and GST. #AAP #BJP Tax Plan #Tax Reforms #The Tax Axe

Oct 2, 2013

Is a high CAD bad? Think again. It makes govt accountable

Is having a big current account deficit bad? Not quite. If the the currency markets are free, a CAD finances itself. But governments may not like the outcomes. #CAD #Currency #Current Account Deficit #finance ministry #Governments #RBI #Rupee #To The Contrary

Sep 21, 2013

Reading in between lines: Where Raghuram Rajan goofed up

Raghuram Rajan should have clarified objectives, instruments and operating procedures in monetary policy. What he has done is confuse all issues.

#Bond market #CPI #Inflation #Mid-Quarter Monetary Policy #Monetary policy #Raghuram Rajan #RBI #Repo

Aug 13, 2013

Govt vs citizen: Should we ban things we can’t control?

It is convenient for bureaucrats to ban anything they find difficult to understand or control. But in doing this they are working against the citizen's interests. #Citizens' Rights #Percy Mistry #Regulators #ToTheContrary

Jan 4, 2013

Why protests don’t end up in change: We need more wonks

Everyone in India should ask why the policy wonks are so interested in health, education and welfare programmes, and so disengaged with basic public good. #Crony capitalism #Delhi gangrape #Great smog #HowThisWorks

Dec 25, 2012

How India’s focus on welfare is damaging law and order

India's politicians focus on doling out freebies, which benefits a few, because this is where their votes lie. They should focus on public goods, including safety and law and order, which benefits all #Delhi gangrape #Law & Order #Welfare

Oct 19, 2012

Emkay fiasco: We need a resilient market, not a costly failsafe one

Should a stock market be safeguarded from fat-finger trade errors at high cost or be made resilient to such shocks? #BSE #Emkay Trade #InMyOpinion #NSE

Sep 8, 2012

Why Indian capitalism isn’t doomed despite cronyism

The markets have begun to sort out companies with an ethical deficit. Hence, despite the current scams, Indian capitalism has a future #Crony capitalism

Jul 25, 2012

Maruti violence: Is Bihar now better than Haryana?

The Maruti unrest is testimony to the inability of the Haryana government to maintain law and order - a prerequisite for business growth #Bihar and Haryana #Manesar Violence #MarutiUnrest