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Leadership Team

Editor-in-Chief: R Jagannathan is based in Mumbai
Executive Editor: Lakshmi Chaudhry is based in Mumbai

Senior Editor: G Pramod Kumar is based in Chennai
Senior Editor: Akshaya Mishra is based in New Delhi
Senior Editor: Sandip Roy is based in Kolkata
Senior Editor: Ivor Soans is based in Mumbai
Senior Editor: Ashish Magotra is based in Mumbai

Exec News Producer: Ayeshea Perera is based in Mumbai

Editor, North America: Uttara Choudhury is based in New York

Associate Editor, Business: Sindhu Bhattacharya is based in New Delhi


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Whatever happens in Elections 2014, we certainly feel that there is a new digital consumption that is emerging on news platforms. A culture that is informed by a nation that wants change, new ways of seeing and new opportunity. And from this emerges Firstbiz – the business offering from Firstpost.